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On Your Mark Solutions Welcomes New Shopify Customers in 2023

Jan 10, 2023

The leading web boutique looks to expand its customer base immensely with the change of the new year.

On Your Mark Solutions, a San Diego and Los Angeles-based web boutique design and development firm, is pleased to announce that it plans to welcome several new customers in the coming year due to the rising pre-orders. The company wants more businesses to get its help because Shopify website development is the talk of the town.

On Your Mark Solutions offers services such as custom eCommerce solutions, online shopping carts with integrated payment processing systems, and many other features, including mobile applications for smartphones and tablets; social media integration into your store pages; analytics tools that give you real-time information about how customers interact with your site so that you can make adjustments accordingly and many more.

The company plans to increase its customer base next year by offering high-quality services at competitive prices. It provides an excellent solution for any business looking to expand its online presence. Its goal is simple: to provide top-notch service and experience while ensuring its customers have access to their resources when they need them most.

On Your Mark Solutions does its client’s in three steps: planning, designing, and developing:

  • Planning: This is where you decide what kind of website customers want to build. It may be a simple landing page, or it could be an entire eCommerce store. On Your Mark Solutions will work with clients to help create the perfect design for their new site based on needs and wants.
  • Designing: Once the planning is complete, On Your Mark Solutions will take over from there! They’ll work with clients to create a custom structure for their new website that meets all its requirements: layout design, color schemes, navigation options, etc.
  • Developing: On Your Mark Solutions will develop the client’s new website once the design is complete. They’ll take all the information gathered during the planning and put it into action by creating an actual website ready for uploading to the internet. Depending on your site’s complexity, this process can take anywhere from a day to a week.

“Our main focus is helping people and providing them with what they need. We take pride in our work, and it shows. Our team is passionate about ensuring our clients are happy with their new website,” said Mark Hernandez, CEO of the company. He added, “Every project we do has some kind of personal touch to it.”

On Your Mark Solutions, a long time Shopify Partner, is an agency that has helped countless clients over the past few years. Whether they need help with marketing or web design, the company’s team is always eager to deliver the assistance they need. Many of their customers have been so pleased with their services that they continue to work with them to improve their businesses and increase sales.

Source: EIN Presswire

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