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“It’s rare in the world that you meet like minded people that you end up working with for a long time using a contracting board to search for talented graphic and engineering resources. Well, I have to say that about 4 1/2 years ago I met Mark on the site UpWork. I was searching for resources who could build a website for a company I was building called Motiv8 Sports Group. I contacted Mark we got along right away and he help us build the brand for Motiv8. Fast forward to about two years ago and I am the CEO/Board Member of a company called Slate Technologies and we needed engineering UX/UI help and website help and who comes to help again is Mark. Mark and his team are top notch for full time, contracting, part time or project work they always deliver and provide realistic expectations which is big in the tech industry. If you’re looking for a company to work with on website design, graphics, UI/UX work, engineering augmentation Mark at On Your Mark Solutions is your guy.”

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Project Highlights

Slate, the trailblazing innovator in AI-driven real estate and construction software, embarked on a transformative journey with our company, harnessing a suite of essential services that catalyzed their growth and success. Our collaboration encompassed a spectrum of crucial elements, starting with custom-designed applications that seamlessly integrated into their cutting-edge software development products. We embarked on the following together:


  • Custom Application Design
  • UX Design Research
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • Pitch Deck Creation
  • Webflow Development
  • Custom HTML/CSS Development

This meticulous customization ensured that their solutions were not just efficient but also tailored precisely to the unique challenges and opportunities of the real estate and construction industries. Additionally, our web development services provided Slate with a captivating digital presence, aligning with their forward-thinking ethos and showcasing their powerful AI technology.

Beyond the digital realm, we extended our expertise to support Slate’s branding journey. This encompassed pitch deck design, where we crafted compelling visual narratives that effectively communicated Slate’s value proposition and potential to investors and stakeholders. Furthermore, our ongoing website maintenance support ensured that their online presence remained top-notch, reflecting their commitment to excellence in real-time. In a company as dynamic and forward-looking as Slate, a variety of other essential tasks emerged, and our comprehensive suite of services adapted seamlessly to meet these evolving needs. Through this partnership, we contributed significantly to Slate’s journey from inception to industry leader, providing them with the essential tools, branding support, and ongoing maintenance they needed to flourish in the competitive landscape of real estate and construction technology.

Company Background

Slate, a pioneering company in the world of software development, has harnessed the formidable capabilities of artificial intelligence to redefine real estate development and construction processes. Their cutting-edge software solution represents a monumental leap forward, introducing unprecedented levels of efficiency and precision into these intricate industries. By seamlessly integrating AI, Slate has not only revolutionized project management but has also optimized supply chain operations, revolutionizing how materials and resources are sourced, allocated, and managed.

Slate AI company logo

Slate’s commitment to innovation goes beyond mere efficiency; it’s about reshaping the very future of real estate development and construction. Through their AI-powered software, clients gain access to predictive analytics and data-driven insights, empowering them to make informed decisions and effectively mitigate risks. Whether it’s fine-tuning project timelines, reducing costs, or elevating sustainability practices, this software stands as a transformative force that empowers real estate developers and construction professionals to build smarter, faster, and more efficiently in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

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