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Have a Shopify E-commerce site or looking to create one? We specialize in Shopify website development to help boost your online presence, sales, and performance to allow your store to thrive. We’re passionate about combining user-centered designs with top-of-the-market technology to help improve the buying experience for users. We’ll also take you through a simple training process, teaching you the tools to drive and manage your Shopify store with confidence.


We’ll help you navigate

Learn how to manage your back-end inventory with simple tools and useful resources.

We know how daunting inventory management can be, so we simplify the process by teaching you easy-to-use interfaces. You’ll learn valuable skills like how to modify product details, build out your inventory, and run everything properly from the back end. We also help you navigate all of the frustrations associated with shipping, so you can ship effortlessly.

Combine your existing website with Shopify to handle your E-commerce needs.

Already have a website, but need a tool to manage the E-commerce side of your business? We help seamlessly integrate your current website with Shopify so you can keep your original setup while adding on the E-commerce portion. Start selling without having to transition to an entirely new website platform!

Stay in control of your website and easily manage your content within a CMS.

We’ll create your website within a CMS so you can painlessly manage your content going forward. Feel in control of your website with easy-to-use tools that allow you to oversee your site performance effortlessly. We also provide additional benefits to improve website performance, like connecting your CMS with Shopify Apps that provide a variety of valuable functions.

Elevate your check-out process with secure transactions and convenient payment options.

Increase your customer conversions with a variety of payment gateways to make the checkout process easier and more accessible. We offer integrations with all kinds of payment options, including Shop Pay, Apple Pay, accelerated wallets, and all online payment methods. Build customer trust and satisfaction with encrypted security and safety behind every transaction.

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Our Process




Building a technology solution is like building a home. It requires strategic architectural planning and a quality blueprint. We start by “sketching” visual layouts with the user experience in mind, organizing your custom website solution in an intuitive and interactive way.



Much like a house, websites deserve a beautiful unique style and clean look. Using the blueprint to guide our work, we create high-quality web designs to mirror the final technology solution. Through rapid prototyping and ruthless attention to detail, our UX design visually demonstrates the final look and flow of the solution before beginning development.



Now it’s time to bring it all together and build the final UI design. We’ll bring the design prototype to life by transforming it into a working piece of online technology. Our vast experience with website development will help us construct a functional custom website solution you’re sure to feel at home in.



Once your home is built, it still requires regular upkeep. The same goes for building a website. After the development is done, we’ll help you continuously update your site with ongoing support and maintenance. We’ll constantly optimize your user interface with additional SEO implementations, marketing efforts, mobile optimization, and other add-ons that will help your website thrive.


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Frequently asked questions

Answers to questions that we hear a lot to save you research time

When should I consider creating an ecommerce website?

If you are looking to sell products online, we recommend setting up an eCommerce store or are hoping to collect payments online to facilitate business.  Additionally, if you are looking to create a membership of subscription within your website.

Should I use Shopify or Woocommerce and why?

We typically advise that it comes down to the core intention behind the website and where you’d prefer to have more intuitive control – the website content or the product content.  We recommend Shopify if you have a lot of products and consider that a key emphasis of the website, as Shopify has very intuitive and easy product control.  We recommend Woocommerce if your website is using WordPress with the key focus to display and edit website content around the company, with the products as more of a secondary consideration.

How much does it cost to develop an eCommerce website?

The cost varies depending on the platform choice, the size of the website and the number of products and collections, the number of features, and customizations that are required for the website.  Typically the cost to create a proper eCommerce store will typically average between 4 thousand to 8 thousand dollars.  Another consideration includes any ongoing payments for website platforms, domain and server payments, application or plugin fees, and any ongoing maintenance.  To get a quote on your website, you’re welcome to use our website calculator to get a free quote.

How do I choose a payment gateway for my eCommerce website?

There are a number of factors to consider when assessing the payment gateway that is the right fit.  These include transaction fees, security, and ease of integration.  Popular payment gateways include Stripe, Paypal, Square, and

How can I ensure security of the payment information collected by my website?

All of our websites include an SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Certificate that encrypt all payment information to keep payment processing secure.