Every project is different, so we tailor our approach to best fit your needs.


Our Various Approaches For Handling Projects

We have several methods for approaching projects, as every project is unique. We recognize that your business has a diverse set of needs, and we work with you to learn your objectives and decide on the best approach for your project. We typically tackle projects in one of two ways – either a project-based or retainer-based approach. The project-based approach is great for those who want to build their website from the ground up or need help with a specific project. A retainer-based approach offers a bit more flexibility. It’s perfect if you aren’t exactly sure what your needs are, or if you want ongoing support and website maintenance.

Our primary objective is to satisfy your needs and leave you with a final product that you’re excited about. Whatever you’re looking for, rest assured that we will create a plan to fit your goals.

we are flexible

Your goals are our goals. We see ourselves as part of your team, and we want to seamlessly fit into your vision. That’s why we tailor our approach to adjust to your needs..


These types of projects have a clear set of objectives mapped out from the beginning. This approach works well if you want to build a custom website solution from the ground up, whether it’s an informational, E-commerce, or custom enterprise website. It also is the perfect approach if you need help with a specific project, such as designing a logo or creating a pitch deck.


A retainer-based approach offers more flexibility, as you may be unsure of your exact needs. Oftentimes, this approach is taken when you need ongoing support, whether that’s regular website maintenance or a continuous creation of marketing materials. These projects are loosely based on an hourly rate.

Project-based projects

  • $$4K-$7K
  • ____
  • Develop a high-quality informational website to bring your ideas to life
  • Timeline: 6-8 weeks
  • $$4.5K-$8K
  • ____
  • Build an E-commerce website that makes it simple to sell
  • Timeline: 6-7 weeks
  • $TBD
  • ____
  • Design a custom website solution that satisfies your unique business needs
  • Timeline: 3-6 months

Project-Based Approach

Similar to building a home, the first step of creating a website is coming up with a strategic plan and blueprint. This gives us a solid foundation and ensures the design is well thought-out before development begins.

We start by creating a global sitemap and ‘sketching’ visual layouts that organize your website in an interactive and user-friendly way. These wireframes will allow you to see the structure and flow of your website.

Our aim when planning the custom UX web design is to make the user flow seamless, intuitive, and pleasant. We want to make it easy for your users to accomplish their goals, so they have a positive experience with your website. You can expect this milestone to take around 2 weeks to complete.

Using the blueprint to guide our work, we bring the wireframes to life by turning them into high-quality web designs.

The UI design is all about creating an aesthetically beautiful website that reflects who you are as a brand. Having a consistent look across all platforms is important for establishing a brand voice that is easily recognizable. To make sure your brand’s personality shines through, we take any branding or creative inspiration you already have and incorporate it into the interface.

Through precise attention to detail, we build stunning prototypes that visually demonstrate the final look of the website before beginning development. The UI design typically takes us two weeks to create and work through any revisions you have.

Before beginning any project, we send over an onboarding survey and schedule a kickoff call. This is so that we can gain clarity on what you’re looking for and talk through some different options for approaching your project.

It’s important to have both the survey and call done before beginning any work so that our expectations are aligned and the whole process can run more smoothly.

Once the blueprint and designs are done, we’ll transform the prototypes it into a beautiful and functional website.

Whether you need help with E-commerce, informational, or custom enterprise website development, we’ll produce a solution that best fits your needs. We’ll work with you continuously throughout the development process to guarantee you love the final product. We’ll also make sure you’re equipped with the technical knowledge to operate and take control of your website going forward.

After website development is done, you’ll have a fully functioning and optimized website complete with everything you need. This step typically takes around 2 weeks to complete, depending on the nature of your project.

retainer pricing

  • $135/MONTH
  • ____
  • 2 hours/month
  • 10% discount
  • 12 months min commitment
  • $475/MONTH
  • ____
  • 7 hours/month
  • 15% discount
  • 6 months min commitment
  • $1400/MONTH
  • ____
  • 20 hours/month
  • 20% discount
  • 4 months min commitment
  • $2950/MONTH
  • ____
  • 40 hours/month
  • 25% discount
  • 3 months min commitment
  • $4500/MONTH
  • ____
  • 60 hours/month
  • 30% discount
  • 3 month min commitment

Expectations of a retainer

If you’re looking to create a website but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. We’ll do all of the necessary set-up steps for a website, including securing a domain, obtaining an SSL certificate, and handling your hosting for you. This will simplify the entire process, as you’ll only have one point of contact for all of your website needs.

Once you’re website is designed and developed, it still requires regular upkeep to make sure everything is running smoothly. We help maintain your website by regularly updating it, whether that’s adding useful plugins or removing unnecessary clutter that slows down your site.

We’ll also make sure your site is constantly optimized with additional SEO implementations, marketing efforts, mobile optimization, and other add-ons to help your website thrive.

Our deep pool of talented front and back end developers are available for any on-demand development projects, and they can be utilized for longer term roles, custom projects, or even full time positions. Wheter your require custom, back-end, CMS, or front-end development services, we are eager to help in any way we can.

We have a variety of retainer-based bundles that offer increasing discounts the more hours you purchase. If you have extra projects one month and need to purchase additional hours, you’ll be able to do so at a discounted rate. The more you work with us, the better value you’ll receive.

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