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Aetna Corp

Commercial lighting company specializes in the implementation of cutting-edge lighting, controls, and electrical technologies, illuminating spaces with innovation and efficiency.

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Project Highlights

Aetna Corp. embarked on a transformative digital journey, and our services provided them with the full custom-designed treatment. At the heart of this endeavor was the development of a stunning enterprise-level website, meticulously crafted on the WordPress platform.  The digital reinvention for this company included:


  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • WordPress Development
  • Job Board Integration

The WordPress Web Development process seamlessly integrated all facets of Aetna Corp.’s services. The website showcases their extensive service offerings, provides valuable insights into the diverse markets they cater to, and offers compelling case studies that highlight their successful projects. But it doesn’t stop there; we took it a step further. A job search feed was seamlessly integrated, providing a dynamic platform for job seekers to explore opportunities within the company. Moreover, the website includes a client portal, fostering seamless communication and engagement with their clients. In sum, our services transformed Aetna Corp.’s online presence into a dynamic, informative, and interactive platform that not only showcases their prowess in electrical solutions but also enhances their connection with both job seekers and clients in a sleek and user-friendly manner within their enterprise website.

Company Background

For over 90 years, Aetna Corp. has been a leading force in the installation of lighting solutions, solving electrical challenges, offering maintenance and upgrades, and recommending cost-effective technologies to industrial, healthcare, retail, hospitality, educational, restaurant, and property management sectors across the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions.

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Their decades of experience encompass the installation, programming, and commissioning of complex control systems, accompanied by a team of licensed electricians, setting them apart as industry pioneers.

Aetna Corp’s approach commences with a thorough analysis of the client’s lighting system, followed by the development of personalized lighting solutions, meticulous project management, and adept handling of the incentive process from inception to completion. This comprehensive approach not only enhances property aesthetics but also bolsters the bottom line. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and reliability is evident in their 24/7 service availability and a firm dedication to meeting code and safety standards. With licensed electricians and a no-hassle warranty, Aetna Corp. is an enduring industry leader, poised to continue their legacy of service, training, and 90 years of experience. Their dedication shines through in every project, ensuring that their clients receive the highest quality electrical design, installation, and testing services.

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