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Where young influencers and change-makers come together to talk about their purpose-driven projects

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Our services for NextPlay encompass the creation of a Shopify eCommerce website dedicated to selling merchandise related to each featured episode that the host welcomes onto the show.  Each episode has a cause with some associated merch that’s dropped when each episode has been released.  Services for Nextplay include:


  • Custom Design Elements
  • Shopify Development
  • Podcast Creation

By offering an integrated shopping experience, listeners and viewers can actively support these meaningful initiatives while engaging with the content.

Furthermore, we have strategically hosted and published the podcast episodes directly on these dedicated websites. This comprehensive approach ensures that users not only consume the content but also have easy access to related merchandise, deepening their connection to the causes championed by NextPlay’s inspirational guests. In essence, our services for NextPlay unite storytelling with tangible impact, fostering a sense of community and celebrating purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

Company Background

In the 2020s, a cultural shift is challenging the image of successful entrepreneurs. Enter NextPlay, hosted by Milan Kordestani, a web series that spotlights young influencers and change-makers discussing purpose-driven projects.


NextPlay humanizes successful entrepreneurship, raises funds for meaningful causes, and inspires young entrepreneurs to integrate purpose into their ventures, reshaping our world for the better.

NextPlay, hosted by Milan Kordestani, redefines entrepreneurship in the 2020s. This web series brings together young influencers to discuss their purpose-driven projects, humanizing success, raising funds for meaningful causes, and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs to make a positive impact.

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